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EVA’s story is rooted in the inspiration of the founder Nargis from Afghanistan. Growing up there, she observed a massive drug abused caused by the plant Cannabis that families had to grow illegally in order to make a living. However, Nargis’ strong believes in science and the research made on Cannabis and CBD made her realize the health potential, and faded the negative image she associated with cannabis.

Following these years of research, Nargis started to discuss CBD as an opportunity that can have a great social impact with her close friend Caroline, while they were both studying in the US. Caroline is now the co-founder of the company. They have looked into the massive benefits CBD was having in the US regarding people’s health, and saw the opportunity to be part of the CBD revolution in Europe by moving to Norway. However, the memories of the impact of cannabis in Afghanistan did not disappear, and therefore finding a way to help struggling families there was essential.

The project was born with the desire to make CBD more accessible in Europe while empowering women in Afghanistan. Nargis and Caroline want to reach both these goals by combining CBD with saffron grown in Afghanistan, two ingredients with similar health proprieties.

This is when EVA was created.

mission & vision

We are a company based in Norway, working to develop quality CBD-infused products for health purposes.

With EVA, we want to change the perception the world has on cannabis, and educate about the difference between the drug aspect of the plant and the health proprieties it has.

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Nargis rahimi

Founder & CEO

Caroline Bézu

Co-Founder & COO

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